06.17 – 06.23
Sun Jun 23 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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06.17 – 06.23

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Started the week with a very short fuse. Possibly the result of suddenly being abstemious after a week of relative excess. Mood improved with the weather.

Highlight of the week was an impromptu visit to see uncle Rich in Kettering while bae went to do some Hackney-on-tour canvassing just down the road in Wellingborough. The kids had a mixed bag of fun and mild trauma in the paddling pool with a couple of feral farm kids while I endured the chat of a hugely unreconstructed farmer from over the road. I didn’t need reminding why I like living in London, but he gave me plenty of material to bank in the event I forget.

Ran too far in the heat on Sunday and very nearly broke myself.

Little man seemingly not improving in the pants-shitting department (one year after being out of nappies). We’re pretty much out of ideas. I’m trying not to get cross with him but can’t deny that it’s a struggle.


Not quite stealing a living but can’t say I feel like I’ve been earning my keep.

Managed to cobble something together for the proof-of-concept design system work while continually cursing the state of JavaScript module types.


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