06.10 – 06.16
Sun Jun 16 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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06.10 – 06.16

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Looking forward to some clean living after a boozy week combined with not nearly enough sleep.


  • Ran up the neighbouring hill – I didn’t wait to find out what happens when you encounter a wild boar on a run (I heard one in the bushes and immediately changed my route to be exclusively on roads)
  • Went to the playground – little man was undeterred by the pouring rain
  • Went to Ristorante Barilotto in Santa Fiora for lunch, where little man discovered honey on cheese


  • Swam in a volcanic lake (Lago di Bolsena)
  • Saw a castle
  • Ate the best ice cream of the holiday (quite a high bar in Italy)


  • Went for an excellent run in the trails behind Bagnore, happy not to have encountered any boar this time
  • Went to Si’s aunt’s in Bagnore for brunch but quite quickly pulled the rip-cord when the kids started being total pricks
  • I attempted to make ciabatta (because Tuscan bread is weirdly drab given how good everything else tastes) but apparently the words ‘yeast’ and ‘baking soda’ are interchangeable in Italy and I picked wrong. So I basically made a (shit) pizza


  • We bookended the day at the playground and miraculously managed to dodge the storms in between


  • It was finally sunny
  • I ran up to the outcrop we could see across the valley after a few false starts to avoid very shouty dogs
  • Little man finally got pizza for his tea (nice food/very off vibes restaurant)
  • The kids were absolute champs staying up late and didn’t put up a fight for what ended up being the fastest bedtime ever


  • I was delighted to hand the dented car back over. The car rentals folk didn’t bat an eye which made me feel better still. Fully comp insurance all the way from now on
  • Kids were so good all the way home (save for a minor duty-free-ridiculous-toy-demands skirmish with little man)