05.27 – 06.02
Sun Jun 02 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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05.27 – 06.02

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A mercifully calm week (in relative terms). I definitely felt less overwhelmed.

The slightly rubbish fair pitched up in Clissold Park on Friday which would ordinarily mean I’d have to set up a direct debit for infinite carousel rides, but the weather was so bleak nobody turned up and they didn’t bother turning on the generator. Little man was fairly fucked off about this, then (in what felt like a bit of a flash-mob) a bunch of children just arrived on the carousel (little man and baby girl included), and some bloke took it upon himself to push it around by hand. Everyone had a grand old time. Until security chucked us off. Probably about the best outcome I could have asked for in the circumstances.

We took the train to Cambridge Saturday to see my fam. The weather was still a bit shit and one of the girls couldn’t make it, and as a result the little man probably got slightly shorter shrift than he has done in previous years. Baby girl was in her element though, showing off her new walking skills. It’s impressive how antagonistic my aunt and uncle insist on being towards each other – I think they treat it slightly like sport, but it’s certainly not a very good one.

Sunday we wound up accidentally crashing one of the little man’s nursery pal’s birthday parties in Clissold. He’d been invited last year and we’d had to carry him home while he screamed something incoherent about cake, so it was hardly surprising he was NFI this time around. When he discovered he wouldn’t be getting a party bag (because he wasn’t actually invited) I had to drag him off in a huff again. Two from two.

The same slightly rubbish fair was infinitely better attended on Sunday afternoon though and we spent a happy couple of hours in the sun with some of the little man’s pals.

I got a cold.


I looked into the Figma API with a view to getting icons out and storing them as svgs in the to-be-created design system repo/module. I got sidetracked into trying (again) to understand how OAuth 2.0 works.

Had a good meeting with a UI designer who’s been testing out Tokens Studio for Figma on our recommendation/request – he’d put it through its paces and it seems like it maybe has legs.


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