05.20 – 05.26
Sun May 26 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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05.20 – 05.26

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Mr Sunak announced an election and bae correctly predicted this would spell disaster for her Islington North campaign hopes. Indeed it seems there was no process at all – HQ simply selected the candidate. A strange mix of gutted and relieved for me. I think bae was 98% gutted. None of this appears to have deterred her though, and she’s now putting in applications for both Queen’s Park & Maida Vale, and West Ham & Beckton. This is the shape of things to come and I’m going to have to strap in.

Little man was faced with two of his bêtes noires on Sunday – being told the telly had to go off and being asked to go to the toilet. It heralded in an hour of screaming. Then he shat himself. We thought there’d been progress on the shitting-himself front but there’s been some significant indicators to the contrary this week. Pretty sure we could/should have de-escalated the telly situation better but can’t quite figure out how.

We got a call that little man got a place at our first choice of school after clearing. He doesn’t know anyone going there and he was already quite excited about the other school he had a place for (and wrap around care would probably have been more convenient). But I think we’ll stick with our first choice and hope he doesn’t hate us for it.


Started the Social Justice Curriculum about racism and ableism specifically in the context of Wellcome and museums more generally. It’s going to be a lot but I think it’s going to be good to live through. I’ve got a lot to learn and unlearn.

Did a bit too much moonlighting and not enough design systeming.


  • Tuesday hills
  • Thursday marshes
  • Sunday Tower Bridge loop (furthest I’ve been for a while and almost felt quite good about it)