05.06 – 05.12
Sun May 12 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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05.06 – 05.12

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On a bit of a comedown from an excellent weekend in The Lakes and generally feeling like a massive imposter at work. The kind of week where I think maybe I should have done something else entirely with my life and struggling not to feel too sorry for myself.

All day in Finsbury and Clissold Parks looking after my bonkers children vastly improved my mood on Friday. Little man seems to have become more outgoing after the weekend away – it’s hilarious to see him coercing older kids into his batshit-crazy (currently largely Moana-based) schemes.

Baby girl has been slightly more shouty and irritable than usual. She’s not firing on all cylinders for sure, and we’re constantly paranoid she might have more serious respiratory problems ever since she was in hospital. I don’t think she always has to be quite so much of a dick about it at 4am though.

Still getting to grips with the idiosyncrasies of my camera. Folks said nice things about some snaps I took last weekend. I maintain the trick is to be prepared to chuck away >90% of the pictures. I think I’m going to buy a ridiculous toy lens with a photon-gobbling giant aperture (then inevitably be mildly disappointed by the results because it’s a bit cheap).


Stupid Prismic migration stupid Prismic stupid. Breaking websites is one of my least favourite feelings but I have a self-destructively yolo attitude towards doing it. Which would be fine, except I don’t deal with it well. I’m hugely grateful to my excellent colleagues who helped me fix things I’d broken and stayed chill while I flapped. There are still more things that are broken that I’m hoping I can fix before anyone else notices.


  • Tuesday hills
  • Thursday marshes
  • Sunday hills x 2.5

Somehow got an ankle sprain that only showed up on Saturday. I feel like it’s related to going over on my ankle in the lakes last Sunday but seems like a long time to wait to feel the pain. Hopefully it’ll clear up.