04.01 – 04.07
Sun Apr 07 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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04.01 – 04.07

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We put the kids in a room together at Gangan and Baba’s. They were no worse than they usually are so we’ve decided to move them into the same room at home. Little man was quite up for this in principal, but apparently less enthused about the reality once the cot arrived in ‘his’ room earlier today. We’ll see how they get on tonight. On the plus side our expectations are already hilariously low. I am slightly concerned about how much the neighbours might object as and when it kicks off though.

Went to the York Railway Museum on Tuesday with little man’s little cousin/biggest fan Rory. Caroline came down on the train too and everyone had an almost exclusively excellent time.

The kids were excellent all week including, remarkably, both car journeys. Watching the cousins bollock about was hilarious/magic – they were always so delighted to see each other and very rarely wound each other up.

Baby girl is right on the cusp of being able to walk – I definitely thought it was going to happen on more than one occasion but now I’ve accepted that it’s probably going to happen at nursery next week.

We went for our first meal out since baby girl was born. We even managed to talk about things other than the children.

Overall I got an impressive amount of rest and yet somehow I’ve ended up feeling worse. I wonder if it’s the exhaustion equivalent of pins and needles and it has to get worse before it gets better. Back home now, so presumably I won’t be in a position to find out in a hurry.


  • All odd numbers contain the letter ‘E’
  • John Major MP’s dad might have been the inspiration for David Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’


  • Monday Hudson Way, Cherry Burton, Westwood
  • Wednesday Bishop Burton climb
  • Friday Beverley Hills
blood trails from nipples on a white running shirt blood trails from nipples on a white running shirt
MEDIC! Shouldn’t have worn white in the rain

I’ve realised I’m not enjoying running much and I’m feeling consistently buggered. I think I might be a bit over-trained, or under-recovered (same thing?). Going to take a couple of weeks off and see if my mojo comes back (and, crucially, my legs stop feeling like lead).