03.11 – 03.17
Sun Mar 17 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.11 – 03.17

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Progress with getting the flat renovated is glacial. I’ve already got decision fatigue and I don’t even think I’ve made any decisions yet. I thought I’d made a breakthrough when I saw some kitchen styles I liked that were a bit different from everything else but bae’s initial reaction appeared to be one of visceral disgust so I doubt that has legs. Beyond that, our architect appears to spend most of his time telling us what we can’t afford to do. Still, apparently we’re entering Stage 02 now so we must have done something.

Spoke to a GP about the little man. He said he wasn’t particularly concerned but has prescribed something to try and ‘keep him regular’. But before getting him onto that, we’ve decided to give him a week where we basically don’t talk to him about using the potty at all – it feels like a significant part of the problem is oppositional defiance and there’s a chance it might improve if we don’t give him anything to oppose. And even if it doesn’t help (early indications are that it won’t), I think we’ll all be a lot less stressed and upset about it.

Bae went to Birmingham on Saturday for a course and took baby girl with her. She had to stay overnight and isn’t quite ready for a night apart from a screaming snotty baby that barely sleeps. I heard Stockholm syndrome is made up, but if it wasn’t I think it would look a lot like this. That meant that me and the little man got to spend the weekend together. We had a modicum of success on his balance bike, spent several hours playing hide-and-seek in Finsbo, baked muffins and banana bread, made a train set and a fairly exceptional den, flew paper planes, did two jigsaw puzzles, and ordered pizza. LADS! LADS! LADS! Had to confess to the existence of Frozen II as bribery for letting me wash his hair. So far we’ve watched the first half four times.

Slightly on a whim I’ve decided to trade in all my largely unused camera gear that sits on a shelf and makes me feel guilty for a point and shoot which I’m far more likely to keep close to hand (“the best camera is the one you have with you”). I miss taking a nice camera out and about but whenever I try, it feels a bit too much like an albatross and I invariably end up clocking at least one of my children in the head with it as it dangles round my neck while I attempt some dad admin (dadmin?). I can’t deny I’m a total sucker for the rangefinder stylings of the x100 series and I like that the decision of which focal length to choose will be taken out of the equation with a non-interchangeable lens.


Why would adding the slice-machine-ui package break types in another app, or stop a Storybook Webpack from building? Fuck knows, but apparently it did. On the plus side, they seemed to be things that genuinely needed fixing (how were they even working at all?) and about which we were previously unaware. After a week of whack-a-mole and git history obliteration I got a couple of PRs to pass all their checks. Feels like a bit of a pyrrhic victory.


  • Monday Marshes
  • Tuesday Regent’s
  • Thursday Hills

All semi-accidentally off-watch. I’m feeling tired, heavy, and sluggish.