03.04 – 03.10
Sun Mar 10 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.04 – 03.10

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I was relieved to find that what I’d initially believed to be a hangover last Sunday turned out to be some manner of sickness instead. Sure, maybe the booze helped catalyse the storm for whichever microbe had seen fit to take up residence in my gut, but at least it wasn’t going to be an accurate bellwether for future hangovers. Spent Monday and Tuesday in bed feeling fairly pukey and sorry for myself.

Rode my bike home from the office on Wednesday – the first time since before I was off on parental leave. Felt good, but my bum’s going to need a bit of reacclimatisation to survive the rock-hard saddle.

Baba and Gangan came to town on Friday morning for little man’s fourth birthday. We all went up in the London Eye in the glorious hazy spring sunshine. Little man’s review: “Boring”.

View down the Thames on a hazy day from the top of the London Eye View down the Thames on a hazy day from the top of the London Eye

We phoned in a lo-fi party in Clissold Park playground on Friday afternoon. It was baltic, but the kids didn’t seem to care as long as there were breadsticks and cake. I think the little man felt well celebrated and he held it together remarkably well (apart from when his helium balloon inevitably ended up in a tree). In most of the pictures we get from nursery he seems to be out on a limb doing his own thing, so it was heartwarming (and a bit of a relief) to see him and his pals actually playing together and getting on. It was an inset day at nursery so I think most the amassed parents were pleased that there was some largely self-perpetuating entertainment laid on for their kids too.

Bae’s parents babysat for us on Saturday night and we went for a jar in the Bank of Friendship in amongst the revelling gooners who’d just gone top of the league. It was a really good atmosphere, and a revelation that you can have two pints and then stop and go home. We’ve resolved to do it more often.

Little man’s encopresis continues to be a worry. I had a bit of a wobble about it at the weekend, and we’ve resolved to talk to the GP about it. I hate that I might have been partly responsible for psyching him out about it and potentially making it worse.

News about ‘significant concerns’ at Homerton fertility clinic broke towards the end of the week which has left us feeling slightly traumatised.


The two days I was working, I was largely plagued by Node dependency resolution issues and assorted skirmishes with TypeScript. Not a vintage work week.


  • Consider Phlebas by Iain M Banks – space opera is probably never going to be bang in my wheelhouse, but I enjoyed this enough to want to read more of the Culture series


Converted my Garmin and Strava to kilometres in an attempt to rid myself of imperial nonsense.