02.12 – 02.18
Sun Feb 18 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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02.12 – 02.18

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A week to forget. Baby girl stayed home on Monday full of (we thought) cold and seeming like she was pretty sad. Tuesday morning she went to the GP who said he didn’t think there was cause for concern. Tuesday evening she went to A&E where it was determined she had a chest infection affecting both lungs, and she spent the next 72 hours on oxygen. We finally got her back home on Friday evening.

In the intervening time George and Rachel kindly took turns to babysit the little man while I got to the ward. I’m glad the guy who tried to steal the phone out of my hands by the hospital on the first night was unsuccessful.

Me and the little man had a couple of spectacular screaming matches. I felt immediate regret and shame each time (not to mention embarrassment since the neighbours must have heard). I’ve (conveniently?) let us both off the hook since we were both probably a bit scared.

Bae’s parents came to help out at the weekend for which I’m hugely grateful.

Called and electrician out because we had no electricity in any of the sockets on the second floor for several hours only for him to point out that the switch on the main fuse box labelled ‘test’ had tripped. I had checked the fuse box and had seen it was in a different position to the others but I can’t explain why I didn’t at least try to move it. I felt pretty daft for having called him out. I’m blaming exhaustion.

Now she’s out, baby girl is somehow even worse at sleeping (she has set a high bar for shit sleep so this is no mean feat). God knows how we’re going to break this cycle, but mostly I’m just thankful she can breathe again. She’s not 100% but she’s getting there.


Second week back post parental leave and I was barely there. I’m very glad I’ve got kind and understanding colleagues.


It’s fair to say I’m not on form. Felt progressively worse through the week, probably the result of too much sugar, not enough sleep, more than a dash of stress, and perhaps a hint of illness.