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01.22 – 01.28

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“I FUCKING HATE HIM”, was the message I composed to bae after having to carry the little man home, kicking and screaming, for the nth time. As I hit send I felt as predictably terrible as you’d imagine I might, but he’d really done a number on me, again. His arseholery has, once more, coloured my memory of the week. It certainly hasn’t helped that he’s continued to shit himself approximately once a day.

Took baby girl to see Emyr (who I’ve not seen in c. 5 years) on Thursday and had an excellent lunch at the Holy Tavern in Farringdon. We chatted, among other things, about not drinking. He’s dry January-ing and thinking about dry 2024-ing. I’m considering a phased return to moderate drinking after the best part of two years off (and I’m fairly confident I’m capable of it). But one of the best things (maybe the best thing) about not drinking is not having to spend any time thinking about whether or not (or what) I’ll be drinking and when, and whether it is, or was, too much. Simply the prospect of considering it is clearly weighing heavy on my mind (based on an appraisal of my pretty-much-exclusively drinking-based anxiety dreams). Baby girl was on top form.

I joined another (Islington) library and found our nearest branch has a superior children’s book selection (and no late fees). Think we’ll be spending a lot more time there.

Sarah, Steve, and their kids were on a whistle-stop tour of London on Saturday and managed to fit us in for a remarkably mediocre meal at Café Rouge St. Pauls. It’s always lovely to see them – I continue to hope against hope that our kids can even come close to how well-mannered and good natured theirs are. It won’t be any time soon if they do.

We finished the week with a first birthday party in the park for baby girl and Liv (can’t believe they’ll be one next week). The light was the same as it was the day baby girl was born, and from where she got her name. Everyone had fun. Little man, with a grinding inevitability, had a meltdown.

I’ve completed 100 days of Greek on Duolingo. I have very little Greek to show for it.

I’m thinking about taking up skipping (with a rope, rather than along the ground). Haven’t got any further than thinking about it yet though.



  • Border Crossing by Pat Barker – this was gripping throughout, and I was set for more of the same at the end but (spoilers) it felt like a bit of a damp squib to me