01.08 – 01.14
Sun Jan 14 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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01.08 – 01.14

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The week has mostly been an attritional battle with the little man, trying to convince him to only eat soft food cut into tiny pieces on account of him having smashed his teeth in last week. To be fair, he likely feels we’re being pointlessly officious (it’s almost as if he doesn’t have even the most basic grasp of modern dentistry).

Bae’s parents treated him to a day out on Friday because they were feeling sorry for him. I slightly put the kibosh on them getting him anything (expensive) from the transport museum shop (he only wanted anything he saw because it was right there/it’s only just been Christmas) but immediately felt guilty about it – it’s their right to spoil him as much as they like. I tried to atone by promising them I’d let him spend the cash they left as frivolously as he liked. Can’t wait to find out what manner of plastic garbage he’s going to unearth in the local charity shops.

Baby girl seems to quite like me these days which rates pretty high on the feel-good scale. I’m really loving the time that we’re getting to spend together (and already ever-so-slightly dreading the alarmingly imminent return to work). I think we’ve made some headway with sleep (re-)training – Saturday both kids were still asleep past 6am! – but she’s now got more teeth coming in so it’s highly unlikely the stars will align again any time soon.


Last Sunday’s 20 miler was, it turns out, too far, and my feet are busted up once more. I will never learn.