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01.01 – 01.07

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I had a drink on NYE – felt like I needed to keep my hand in. I was pleased to discover I didn’t immediately want another ten drinks, but I did find it enjoyable at the time. Hoping I might be capable of drinking in moderation on occasion. Importantly, I don’t want to catch myself looking forward to the next drinking opportunity, or using it as a crutch.

First day back at nursery I had to carry the little man kicking and screaming (literally) the whole way. I managed to portray an outward calm while he could see me, but once he was over the threshold I was a mess. And my back has been in bits ever since.

Baby girl has been in full voice at night since she was ill and has shown no sign of improving, so we decided to go full bore on another round of sleep training. Bae hides in the spare room and I try very hard to ignore the screaming. It’s early days but there’s maybe a hint of improvement.

The health visitor passed baby girl with flying colours. One side-benefit she mentioned with having a noisy baby is that when they’re not noisy, you know something’s up. It’s not much, but I’ll take it.

I survived Wednesday and Friday on my own with both kids. It was largely a case of making sure the little man’s blood sugar levels were dangerously high and leaning in to the consequences.

Sunday, I wound up running further than I have for probably over a year, and was just settling in for a warm bath and what I hoped was going to be a relaxing afternoon (what a mug) when the little man tripped up our stairs and pushed in his tooth. I took him straight to A&E where they told me to ring 111 (very much the opposite of how things have gone down historically). Got an emergency dentist appointment and, shortly after, a child very disappointed to learn he’s not going to be allowed anything apart from soft food for the week.