12.11 – 12.17
Sun Dec 17 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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12.11 – 12.17

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Survived my first solo Wednesday with the kids. It wasn’t pretty, but not an abject disaster either.

We took the train to my brother’s on Friday for a Christmas meal with Leanne and Dave. Narrowly avoided a minor disaster because my brother had asked if we wanted to bring a vegetarian main course and I had (I maintain entirely reasonably) assumed he just meant for the two vegetarians, rather than for everyone. I still think it was slightly mad to invite us to his house for lunch, knowing that we’re travelling by train, with two demonstrably quite hard work small children (extra car seat in hand), knowing that we basically don’t ever sleep, and expect us to have cooked lunch for everyone. But then there are many things that I find baffling about my brother. ‘Panic’ averted by a swift Tesco trip anyhow.

Liz and Peter dropped in and ended up staying for a few hours – was lovely to catch up with them and see them getting on with our mercifully not-too-shouty-at-the-time baby girl.

Little man scored some brio trains and diggers from Rich, Leanne and Dave and got his (now mandatory) ride on the lawnmower ‘tractor’. He was as distraught as ever to have to leave what he obviously views as uncle Richard’s palace of fun.

I find it hard staying there because it’s so heavily imbued with memories of my old man. I didn’t really like staying there even before he died – so much clutter and dust. Now I still don’t like it but the clutter and dust remind me of him and I feel guilty about not liking being there. And the little man was an absolute disaster in the night. On the one hand it feels like a bit of a waste to only stay for 24 hours when we’ve gone to the trouble of getting there, but I think I’d have struggled to stay much longer. I was (as ever) delighted to get back to London and resolved to force my brother to pay us a long-overdue visit next time.

The sadness of not being allowed to stay in Kettering was swiftly forgotten when Niamh arrived to stay on Saturday. I think the little man might be in love with her.

Jumped-started a car – felt pretty macho.

Added B vitamins, Voltarol, and rolling-my-foot-on-a-tennis-ball to the bursitis rehabilitation project. Maybe prayers next week.


  • Succession – polished this off. Glad I can move on with my life
  • Le Mans ’66 – Rich made us watch this. Another two hour’s sleep would have been infinitely preferable
  • Bobby Fingers – thanks Andy P, this is amazing
  • Strictly final – a vintage edition


  • It’s ‘shore up’ not ‘sure up’