11.06 – 11.12
Sun Nov 12 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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11.06 – 11.12

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Think we might have found a way forward with an architect. Let the money haemorrhaging commence. Not excited about the prospect of the water, gas, and electric having to be turned off for up to eight weeks though. Don’t want to think too hard about how we’re going to handle that just yet.

Bae’s parents were due to visit but her dad got shingles so they stayed home. The little man was understandably pretty disappointed but he dealt with it much better than I thought he might. To try and soften the blow (and probably more because we’re lazy parents looking for an easy ride) we let him massively overindulge in cheese toasties, chocolate, and pizza instead. This backfired and he was sick all through Friday night. We’re not totally out of the woods yet, but hopefully this was entirely the effects of gluttony and not something more virus-y. He’s almost back to the non-stop eating machine we know, so fingers crossed.

Caught up all too briefly with Si and Lou on Saturday afternoon who kindly volunteered to help us hoover up the excess curry we’d ordered in for Bae’s parents.

Then legged it over to the Olympic velodrome to watch the grand final of the UCI track champions league with Gareth who very kindly gifted me a ticket that was going spare. I felt pretty bad about leaving Bae in the lurch, but the little man is far happier in Si and Lou’s company than mine and by all accounts everyone had an excellent time. And nobody puked.

The racing was ace even though I mostly had no idea what was going on. Still quite hoarse from all the shouting.

screen grab of Eurosport footage of two cyclist doing a trackstand. The author can be seen filming it on his phone. screen grab of Eurosport footage of two cyclist doing a trackstand. The author can be seen filming it on his phone.
Who’s the wanker with his phone out?

I wish someone could bottle the smell of fallen leaves after the rain.


Storybook 7, Yarn, Node version dependency whack-a-mole (all of which ultimately turned out to be red herrings). I don’t think we’ll get much obvious benefit from upgrading Storybook, but if we don’t it will probably become more of a pain further down the line. One of my least favourite parts of software development is upgrading almost just for the sake of it.

Also Shared Parental Leave policy changes, with associated union-backing considerations.

Think I’m slightly burned out and never really got back up to speed after my first block of parental leave. Still, only two more days then I’m back on leave till February, by which time the team will have a lead software engineer and two new product owners. I’m hoping all of that will help.


  • Beckham – this has had an impressive capacity to unlock long-buried memories, often totally unrelated to anything remotely close to the doc