10.30 – 11.05
Sun Nov 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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10.30 – 11.05

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I used up some going-out-of-date holiday at the beginning of the week to hang out with Bae and baby girl. Good to be reminded of how nice/hard parental leave’s going to be again.

End of the week Bae took baby girl to a funeral in Scotland. Boys club for me and the little man largely comprised him ‘helping’ me put his IKEA furniture together, and the first three of what will presumably become hundreds of Frozen viewings. We also had a Big Day Out involving the transport museum, a walk across the river for pizza, multiple tube trains, three playgrounds, chocolate cake, an ice-lolly, a babyccino and a game of scary bears (don’t ask what the rules are, I have no fucking idea). I scored some high dad points that day.

Little man’s new jam seems to be slipping swears into gibberish (presumably) to see what kind of rise he can get out of us. “Icky-licky-lucky-fucky-bucky-wucky-woo”. This wasn’t in the training manual. I’ve successfully ignored it so far and plan to continue doing so.

His obsession with death continues unabated.

We got a tip-off on another architect who sounds like they might be a better fit for us – going to have a chat on Thursday so we’ll see.

Baby girl’s got a rotten cold, trapped wind, and back teeth coming through. She’s not happy about any of it and she isn’t scared of letting us know.

It is time to work out how the heating in this house works.


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