10.16 – 10.22
Sun Oct 22 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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10.16 – 10.22

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Little man had his 4-in-1 pre-school vaccination and it has torn through his guts (and by extension, several pairs of his underpants) with a merciless intensity. Really hoping he’s through the worst of it (nobody has much appetite for another double-shitting-of-the-bed night). Felt a bit guilty that we didn’t take him to the fair in Clissold Park, but I can’t imagine centripetal forces would have improved the situation.

Andy P came to visit on a textbook autumn Sunday for pizza, chocolate cake, and Finsbury Park playground attendance – all factors that have cemented Andy’s position (quite rightly) high up the little man’s leaderboard of excellent adult humans. He remains high up mine, too.

Baby girl said, ‘dada’ once, but looks like it was an accident and she’s been back to solid ‘bababababa’-ing ever since.

I failed to erect a stair gate – the (relatively crucial) part that makes it stay shut didn’t survive the house move (possibly still attached to the wall in the old house). Baby girl’s newfound capacity for speed-crawling towards stairs render this situation highly problematic.

Made my first porridge of the season. Completed level one of Greek Duolingo. Lined up a Zoom call with an architect. Replaced Alfred with Raycast. Phoned in a blog.


Mostly a11y fixes.

And I’m absolutely delighted that the lead software dev role has been filled (once more) by someone I hold in the highest regard.


  • Succession (pretty good innit)
  • Gone Fishing (Succession antidote)