09.18 – 09.24
Sun Sep 24 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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09.18 – 09.24

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To think we used to find anything difficult

Departed Gatwick for Crete two hours late, but it was raining for take-off, which is the ideal holiday schadenfreude.

It has been a truly excellent week, epic meltdowns and an emergency tetanus jab notwithstanding. Bae tells me she’s long known that I’m largely solar-powered and I’m inclined to agree. I think I’m maybe a bit olive oil-powered too. But whatever it is, almost everything about this week has felt restorative.

The hotel has a play room with a decent collection of stuff to hold the little man’s attention when the sun has been too oppressive. But it is Lina – a child-minder he’s slightly in love with – who is the play room’s real draw. There’s no denying she’s made the days far more survivable (she even sat for us one evening while we had our first uninterrupted evening in as long as I can remember).

I’ve been very glad there are plenty of other young children about – the more screaming kids drawing flak away from ours the better (although not always quite enough for us to avoid having to pull the rip-cord and get one or both away from wherever we happen to be ruining everyone else’s fun). For the most part they have both been excellent and we’re already planning more of the same for next year.

True to plan, I’ve not been on my phone much at all – really going to try to keep that up when we get home too.


  • 30 Criticisms That Hold Women Leaders Back, According to New Research – ‘The researchers found that there was no “sweet spot” where a woman could position herself without being criticized. Women were either too young or too old, too attractive or not attractive enough, too educated or not educated enough. Introverted women were not seen as leaders and extroverted women were viewed as aggressive. They ultimately found that women leaders were “never quite right”’
  • In it for the Long Run – an actual book that I started before baby girl was born and have just got round to finishing. It was ok