09.04 – 09.10
Sun Sep 10 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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09.04 – 09.10

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Arriving back from Paris neither of us had anything left in the tank to deal with baby girl’s screaming. We went to the opposite end of the flat and left her to it. It felt awful, but by this point (c. 7 months) we were totally out of energy and options. We all survived the night. It hasn’t been a miracle cure, but her (and by extension, our) sleep has been markedly improved this week. Hoping we can all continue on the same trajectory.

We got the little man a light that can change colour at a given time to let him know when it’s time to get up. The upshot is that any time after 5am is now largely spent listening to him hitting his new light and telling it to change colour (and/or shouting for me to come to his room so he can explain to me that it’s not time for him to get up yet). He does at least appear to understand the concept so there’s hope.

Got the train up to Scotland and Niamh laid on three glorious days of sunshine for us in Leith, despite me managing to lock us out of her house within minutes of arrival, and having to get a (deeply unpleasant/creepy) emergency locksmith round to break in.

We took a trip across the Forth rail bridge and hung out on the shore in North Queensferry among a frankly nightmare-inducing number of shells – like some sort of mollusc massacre. Next day went to Portobello beach for Bae’s birthday and caught up with the Anderson’s – an almost exclusively excellent day.

Closed out the week seeing old pals and new babies in Glasgow. The weather finally started behaving like it should in the west of Scotland and we got reassuringly drenched in a playground after lunch. Then took the train through to Kilmarnock to see Bae’s folks. Hoping they won’t need too much encouragement to do the 5am shift tomorrow.

The potty-training emotional rollercoaster continues.


I couldn’t help noticing the site has been having issues. I’m fairly sure it isn’t the result of something I deployed last thing before I went on parental leave. But (as ever) there’s a niggling doubt.