08.28 – 09.03
Sun Sep 03 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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08.28 – 09.03

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I started my first block of shared parental leave on Friday. Finding it hard to pin down my emotions – I’ve got a lot of them. Delighted I get to hang with the kids for the month (that’s contractual). Terrified I get to hang with the kids for the month. Sad a bunch of colleagues won’t be my colleagues anymore on my return. Non-specific dread about various holidays. Tired af (ibid.) and worried that that’ll (somehow) deteriorate further.

Visited friends in Paris at the weekend which helped to dissipate some of the amorphous dread – there’s something reassuring about spending an extended period of time in the company of someone else’s kids to get a different and unfiltered angle on the chaos. I got stranded on the political tightrope of dealing with their kids a couple of times (“I don’t think your daddy would like you to feed antiseptic hand gel to your sister”/“please stop hitting my boy with that sword”), but apart from a multi-hour screamathon the little man and baby girl instigated 4am Sunday, we (broadly speaking) had a lovely weekend. Park des Sciences and a walk down the canal were both fairly successful. Pastries and ice-cream were unsurprisingly the biggest hits.

Back on home turf, trying to figure out who supplies our gas and electricity and why we’re getting harangued by four separate three-letter energy companies (eon, edf, ovo, sse) is helping to ensure my anxiety levels remain topped up.


The kids came to visit the office on Wednesday. Little man took a while to warm up, but in the end I think he had a nice time. He says he wants to come every week (strong chance this is because I gave him some chocolate after lunch). Baby girl had played the majority of her being-a-total-dick cards the night before and was sweetness and light as a result. Probably for the best.

Signed a depressing number of goodbye cards.


  • Arnold – he obviously got a very generous edit (it’s definitely not warts and all) but there’s no denying he’s had an extraordinary life