08.21 – 08.27
Sun Aug 27 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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08.21 – 08.27

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I continue to be impressed by how tightly synced my mood is to the evacuation schedule/location of my firstborn’s bowels. He really upped his game this week and I felt unbridled glee on each of the several occasions he got one on target.

Bae convinced me to stay home while she took the kids to Yorkshire for the weekend, being as it would be my last chance to have some peace before a month of parental leave. I’m just about managing to stay the right side of rudderless by watching world championship athletics and doing house tidying/admin. But it feels very weird (and quiet). Good job I’m not drinking, because I’d probably have been surrounded by cans in my pants on the sofa and warming up for an existential crisis by this point.

Annoying that my body clock now seems to be hardwired for a 5am start though.

Reports from The North are that the little man is being painfully cute with his little cousin. I’m a bit sad that I’m not there to see it in person (then again, he almost certainly wouldn’t be being cute if I were there).

This site

When the cat’s away… the mice will check off a raft of tech-debt tasks on their personal sites.

I also took a look at the Frontend Masters Svelte course and updated my latest project with some spring physics accordingly.


We had two three-hour sessions with an accessibility consultancy. There was a lot of interesting stuff, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud of what a good job we appear to have done on the whole. But shit the bed three-hour meetings are long. Especially if they’re remote. And if they’re more lectures than meetings.

Put in a PR for past event-series event pagination. Anything with date logic makes me feel slightly queasy, and I’m hoping I’m not going to be responsible for the next batch of hard-to-diagnose bugs (not least because at the current rate of attrition I’ll be the only person left to fix them).


  • Powering through back issues of the Socially Distant Sports Bar – I don’t really care about much sport, but (as with almost anything) I enjoy it when people do and can talk enthusiastically about it. Good recommendations for documentaries/books/clips every week, and frequently makes me buckle laughing. Hoping it’ll help me pass for more of a bloke if and when the need arises



  • Tuesday 3 x Swain’s
  • Thursday Hackney Marshes
  • Saturday Finsbo Parkrun #600
  • Sunday LSR with Heathside (wore my watch because I didn’t have to worry about a bruised ego since I wasn’t in charge of the pace). Nice to be with a group again – even went for a post-run coffee, which isn’t something I’ve had time for before (and doubt I’ll have time for again in a while)