08.14 – 08.20
Sun Aug 20 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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08.14 – 08.20

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It’s taken every shred of my resolve not to shout, ‘STOP SHITTING YOURSELF’, at the little man. In my defence, he hasn’t stopped shitting himself for going on 10 days at this point. Friday was a 10-pairs-of-pants day. And now seems like he’s stool withholding. I haven’t felt this helpless as a parent for a long time (maybe ever?) and have found myself being reduced to tears more than once by a toddler who refuses to use the potty. He knows something’s up and we’re trying hard not to give him any more anxiety about it. But it would really help in so many ways if he could just do a single poo on the potty. I worry that he’s expending so much mental energy holding it in (invariably unsuccessfully, obvz) that it’s even harder than usual to get through to his tiny mind. Doesn’t help that work team news has been utter balls and sleep training baby girl is going less than great. I’m miserable and struggling to stay positive.

Apparently when I feel stressed I like to learn new web frameworks. This week it’s enhance.dev and WebC.


Spent a while chasing my tail in Prismic trying to work out why the content team couldn’t use a particular component where they wanted to. Think I got to the bottom of it.

More depressing/worrying team decimation news. On the plus side, it gave me something to try out in WebC and Eleventy.




Tuesday 3 x Swain’s. Wednesday lap of Regent’s and Primrose Hill. Thursday round Hackney Marshes. Sunday west along the canal to Regent’s, Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill, Swain’s, Highgate Wood, back down Parkland Walk.