08.07 – 08.13
Sun Aug 13 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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08.07 – 08.13

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I caught up with an old pal I’ve not seen in approximately three years. I haven’t got the emotional bandwidth to look head on at why we’ve not been in touch for such a long time, but we’ve definitely got some stuff to unpack. We unpacked precisely none of it. I don’t know if that was the right thing to have done, but it felt like it at the time. We spoke about catching up again soon. I guess we’ll see if that happens.

Bae had a KIT afternoon leaving me with a screamier-than-average baby girl. That morning we’d discovered the expressing pump wouldn’t charge, so calming her down with milk wasn’t an option. She eventually chilled out enough for me to get some mashed banana passed her lips – her first ever solid food – and she gave me a smile the like of which she’s hitherto reserved for bae alone. It felt good. I could easily get addicted to that smile, the mankiness of the poo it resulted in notwithstanding.

Potty training the little man started in earnest on Friday. So far, it has been an abject disaster and I’m not sure I’ll ever feel clean again. Dropping his lunchtime nap has meant that he’s invariably a monster by 5pm. The last three days he has been a monster with the added bonus of being frequently covered in shit. Fair to say I’ve not enjoyed vast swathes of the weekend.

My foray into Web Components continues. At the suggestion of a colleague I took a look at what it would take to rewrite our AudioPlayer in Lit and I think I’ve broadly got the hang of it – here’s a proof of concept. I haven’t looked much at the server-rendered story yet. I probably need to get a feel for that next.


We had a Design System replay with the consultants we’d had in. Having a dedicated team was probably the obvious key recommendation. Makes sense. The recommendation to make Figma the source of truth rather than the code left me (someone who admittedly has never opened Figma) come out in a bit of a rash. And the recommendation to have all the various brand systems moved under the one umbrella continues to make me feel uneasy.

Finally got the terribly named ‘Media object list’ (I take full responsibility for the naming) out of Prismic and replaced it with the (better named?) ‘Text and icons’ that we’d created for Visual Stories.

Finished the week thinking I’d made a change that would allow some functionality the content team have been asking for for a while and I felt a bit smug about it. Then at the last minute I realised it wasn’t going to work as I’d expected and spent the weekend wondering why and feeling mildly stressed about it. Hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it tomorrow.




Tuesday 3 x Swain’s. Thursday hills. Sunday loop of Ally Pally and Hampstead Heath – furthest I’ve been for a while.