07.31 – 08.06
Sun Aug 06 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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07.31 – 08.06

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I got through the last of my dental escapades and no longer feel like I want to remove my head altogether. Attempting to get things out of the hole where my tooth used to be is taking up quite a serious chunk of time. Digging my silver tooth bling though – my transformation into my old man continues apace. Bae increasingly (and understandably) terrified.

Baby girl somehow got worse still at sleeping (just when you thought there was nowhere left for her to go). I’m wrecked, but I’m not the one feeding her every 90 minutes or the one who’s hair she demands to pull for comfort, and Bae is hanging on by a thread at this point. Something has to give soon. We’ve got the bigger cot put up at least, so if we do have to leave her to scream it out for a bit there won’t be the distinct possibility of her launching herself out of the crib (which there has been recently).

Decided to try Safari as my daily driver on Mac in light of the Web Environment Integrity kerfuffle. So far I haven’t missed anything too much.

Started trying to take Web Components seriously (by way of Lit) and re-built my feed tracker in an attempt to grok some concepts.

Bae started on the Zoe programme, so I’m being relayed a lot of blood glucose stats and conjecture. Seems like fun – I might get involved myself in a bit.

This site

Whittled 36.36% off the length of my domain – s/dmc.omg.lol/dmc.lol. I thought it was high time I owned my domain proper rather than sub-letting a subdomain (from the excellent omg.lol service). I didn’t have the time/energy to figure out how to redirect everything properly and set up canonical urls so in the unlikely event you’re subscribed via RSS (looking at you Andy P), there’s a good chance you’ll have to resubscribe at the new URL. Sorry. Of course there’s also a good chance you’ll never see this and I’ll have to tell you about it the next time we meet, like some kind of manual DNS propagation with extreme latency.


  • Finally added the logic to allow our Space component to use (flex) gap. Can’t work out why we left it this long
  • Dogfooded the Visual Stories work we’ve been doing and put together a test page with the available components in the CMS. Think it’s getting close to being ready for production, but we need to work out the URL structure first (not something I enjoy)


  • RHLSTP 452 – John Robbins – a very frank and interesting discussion of his recent acceptance that he’s an alcoholic. I don’t think I’m remotely in the same league, but it all has a faintly familiar ring – I definitely think I have great potential to become a problem drinker. Related: I’m still not drinking and I don’t miss it
  • ShopTalk 576 – prompted my resolution to do something with Web Components
  • Tea and trails 33 – Gary Thwaites Lakeland 100



Monday hills. Wednesday Ally Pally nipple-chafer in the hammering rain. Friday hills. Sunday hills (with an extra three for luck).