07.17 – 07.23
Sun Jul 23 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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07.17 – 07.23

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We had an interior designer round at the beginning of the week. Apart from being storage obsessed and totally failing to listen to us regarding what we currently hate about the kitchen, she gave us some useful tips. Not likely to be going with her ‘bold mustard-coloured bannister’ suggestion though.

We then got a recommendation for a construction project manager who has in turn put us in touch with an architect, and hopefully they’ll figure out whether what we’d like to do is feasible and/or what else we could do to improve our kitchen and living space. I don’t mind too much living in limbo, but I think I’ll feel much better once there’s more of a firmed up plan for what we’re going to do. At least the slightly funky smell that had been emanating from the kitchen since we moved in crossed the threshold at which I could no longer ignore it and hope it went away. We now have one fewer dead mice rotting in a cupboard.

Had an electrician round to check everything was safe and tell us what various switches and electrical contraptions in the flat do. These kind of interactions lay bare just how little I understand about how things work.

Had my follow up with the GP. Turns out I’d written my blood pressure numbers down wrong and I’m ok to get back on the coffee (good job because the keen-eyed reader will note I already did). A couple of weeks off really made me appreciate it though. Scarring on my lungs probably won’t go away apparently, but shouldn’t affect my ability to get back to full fitness. Good news on balance.

Stood on a wasp (barefoot). Would not recommend.

Had the hygienist (didn’t get too badly told off), then dentist for a temporary crown to be fitted. Got wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow (joy), then temporary crown to be refitted on Wednesday (it fell off almost immediately). Real crown goes on August 3rd, after which time I’m hoping I won’t have to see anyone about my teeth for a considerable time hence.

Far too cold for Clissold Park splash pad today really, but mild hypothermia is well below the upper limit of what the little man is willing to pay for a slice of cake at a three year old’s birthday party.

Baby girl still almost impossibly shit at sleeping. Getting worse somehow. We desperately need something to change in this department before everyone keels over (I’m not sure how bae hasn’t already). To add insult to injury, little man is threatening to get rid of his lunchtime nap – currently the only time in the day when anyone has a fighting chance of being allowed to sit down for five minutes.

Made miso and peanut butter chickpea salad on the recommendation of JPB. Tasty af and not too fiddly for an Ottolenghi recipe. Pretty sure it’s going to be a regular in the repertoire.


Glad I was off the week of the OD announcement and the dust has had a chance to settle a bit. It’s not all doom and gloom but still fairly sad. And what I think has just been less than ideal comms has tended to come off as a hint of gaslighting. Hopefully this will improve.

I ended the week trying to query Visual Story content from Prismic with varying degrees of success. I got something rendering on a page at least, but I’m confident there was a better way to have gone about it.





Tuesday hills. Thursday 3 x Swain’s. Sunday Hackney marshes loop. All round buggered.