07.10 – 07.16
Sun Jul 16 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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07.10 – 07.16

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Wasn’t at work for the week, but dipped in for news about what, to the casual observer, has appeared to be a hugely drawn out and shambolic high-level OD process. The top line as far as I’m concerned is that three of the colleagues I have the most time and respect for have decided to leave and I can’t hide from the fact I find it upsetting on a personal level and worrying professionally.


Arrived home from Beverley to a cleaned flat which immediately made it feel infinitely better. Now we just need to make everything else about it a lot less shit.

Bae and baby girl went to France for a couple of days while me and the little man hung out back home. Back-to-back museum trips (transport and postal) ending with gift shop purchases (tube train and post bus) ensured that I largely stayed in his good books and we didn’t get into too many fights.

I’d stopped drinking caffeine because on my last trip to the doc I put what I thought were the numbers I’d seen on the blood pressure monitor into an online BP explainer and it told me I had stage 3 hypertension and was at risk of an imminent heart attack. In all likelihood I’d written the numbers down wrong. I hope that’s what it was. In any event, I had a shot on a home BP monitor bae’s parents had and it said my BP was healthy. So I spent the rest of the week getting stuck right back into the tea and coffee. I guess I’d better check with the GP when I have a follow-up on Tuesday.

Niamh came to visit at the end of the week. She’d been given a less than good offer for her book from a publisher. I think/hope the little man’s vibes went some way to alleviating her pissed offedness.

Six months after purchase, little man’s potty received its inaugural wee on Saturday. I was beaming with pride.

Big four two for me today. I celebrated at a three year old’s cowboy-themed party at Spitalfields City Farm. Little man broke the slinky that came in his party bag and lost his helium balloon – two rites of passage ticked off in quick succession.


pencil sketch of a baby girl chewing on a pair of glasses pencil sketch of a baby girl chewing on a pair of glasses
Expensive teething toy

Bae very thoughtfully gifted me an Apple Pencil for my birthday so I’ll probably be doing more crap pictures in a different format soon.



Tuesday Hudson Way, Cherry Burton, Beverley Westwood loop. I was feeling p smug about how good I was going right up until I (literally) ran into a wall. Friday hills. Sunday round the heath after a storm the night before. I can’t remember a time the heath looked so wild (I’m very much here for it). Huge tree down on the Parkland Walk too – I feel like that storm deserved a name for the amount of devastation it caused.