05.15 – 05.21
Sun May 21 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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05.15 – 05.21

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I met the creator of the lobotomised owl css selector. I tried to remain cool.

Had a preliminary meeting about establishing what our design system is, who owns it, how to document it, how to ensure it reflects the truth, and where it lives. It feels like a Herculean task and thinking about it all at once makes me feel dizzy. Good meeting though.

I embedded some of our Storybook stories in our GitBook documentation, finally making use of the oEmbed functionality that initially prompted us to deploy our Storybook with Chromatic maybe a year ago. Must have been because I had design systems on the brain.

I got rid of some jank that has bothered me for the longest time. It’s entirely possible I may have introduced some different jank in the process.


I started the week with another trip to the doc and an X-ray to confirm that I‘ve got a chest infection (thought so), although doc seemed to be slightly annoyed at me for taking the course of antibiotics he’d previously prescribed (when I told him I thought I had a chest infection and he disagreed) because it made it harder to interpret the X-ray (which he’d not ordered at the point I told him I thought I had a chest infection). Anyhow, got another course of antibiotics now and really hoping this will shift it for good.

Our house sale generally feels on the brink of falling apart – we eventually got the lease for the place we’re trying to buy from the Land Registry and it isn’t right. The estate agent is displeased that we’d want to get this corrected before completing. We’re so square to want to do it by the book and actually know that we’d legally own the place instead of just spunking all the cash we have in the world (and much more) and hoping for the best. The person buying our place is rumoured to be getting tired of waiting and in the meantime the person we’re buying from has put in more tenants so it’s increasingly hard to see it ending well.

Bae took the little man swimming on Friday while me and baby girl watched from the viewing gallery. He loved it so much (“I’M IN THE SEA!”) – it fills my heart to see something generate that much unbridled glee in him. Almost makes up for how mad he makes me most a lot of the time.

Saturday we spent the day in Cambridge with my cousins. All of their kids are unfeasibly kind, generous, and good at playing with the little man. I hope some of it rubs off. It was a lovely day. And my first encounter with a delivery robot.

a STARSHIP delivery robot on a pavement in a quiet Cambridge street on a sunny day a STARSHIP delivery robot on a pavement in a quiet Cambridge street on a sunny day
I for one welcome our new non-alcoholic-beer-delivering Baby-Shark-singing overlords

I opened a sketchbook and drew some stuff. It was almost entirely rubbish, but I’m glad I’ve done it. Going to try to continue doing it and continue to not care too much about it being rubbish.

Finished the week with a trip to the newly re-opened splash pad in Clissold Park and a frankly excellent sodo bake.

close up of a sourdough boule loaf close up of a sourdough boule loaf

This site

I added text-wrap: balance to headings. In the highly unlikely event you’re looking at the site in Chrome Canary with a narrow viewport, you’ll notice how multi-line headings are now nicely balanced. I hope other browsers pick this up.





Hats off to all the the Hackney Half runners. And the Cape Wrath Ultra runners.