04.03 – 04.09
Sun Apr 09 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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04.03 – 04.09

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Work proper was business as usual. Mostly Google Tag Manager wrangling, although I did solve a problem with CSS — a bit of a rarity these days. It involved spoofing the intersection between two components (header and body) to make it seem like the header was completely responsible for the result. It got me wondering about how these kind of one-offs can fit into design systems, which also got me to thinking that I’m less confident about what a design system is than I once was. Something I’m hoping to rectify.

We went for some enforced bonhomie, axe throwing at Whistle Punks. I thought I might enjoy it a bit more than I did tbh (perhaps I didn’t expect to be quite so rubbish at it!). I’m grateful that I enjoy the company of my workies though – real nice just to hang out. Rumours are we might try a trip to a museum next time – fairly confident I’d enjoy that.


Baby girl impressed the osteopath with how much she can scream, which was strangely comforting.

We busted out of the Old Smoke for a week with Gangan and Baba up in Beverley, looking to cash in on some long-overdue help with the kids. Little man was a total champ on the train, and baby girl slept the entire way. I don’t expect the stars will align so well for the return leg.

There’s a smell I smell this time every year – a plant or tree – and I wish I knew what it was. I occasionally stop mid run to sniff various bits of foliage like a nutter. The closest I can get is Sanex roll-on deodorant ‘for men’ (why?). Going to investigate whether smell libraries are a thing. Or maybe I need to hop on the perfume organ (TIL).

Sunday (Easter) was largely an exercise in rate-limiting little man’s chocolate intake. He and his little cousin pulled off a very cute egg hunt in the garden entirely devoid of tears.

This site

I added an IntersectionObserver to put a shadow under the nav when the page is scrolled instead of the solid line that was there before. This is the first bit of JS I’ve added and took the opportunity to use es6 modules which is definitely a hammer to a nut.

I’ve just noticed that the shadow applies to the top of the nav container when you’re over-scrolled (on iOS at least) and that’s already annoying me. I’ll probably have to find a different way to add the shadow I’ve updated this to add back the bottom border instead of a shadow, which I feel better about overall.

Also in iOS Safari, the IntersectionObserver doesn’t appear to register changes to isIntersecting until scrolling finishes (as if it’s debounced) if you flick to scroll instead of keeping your finger on the screen. Seems like a bug.





Monday hills. Thursday up the Husdson Way and Beverley’s environs. Saturday had a bit of a dig at Beverley Parkrun. I didn’t totally break myself and fared better than I thought I would off the back of two hours’ sleep (and the general baby-related circumstances) — p10, 20:17. And had a pleasant trot around Beverley Westwood in the sun afterwards.