03.27 – 04.02
Sun Apr 02 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.27 – 04.02

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All in all I felt more effective than I have recently.

I had more than one interesting and useful chat about how and when to A/B test (after establishing that there were still several reasons why our current implementation is flawed).

I also started using Tag Manager in anger and feel like I’ve mostly got as much of the hang of it as necessary. I can see the appeal for getting set up quickly with short-lived tests. But the code living outside source control means that anything reliant on specific markup is liable to become stale. I think it might be harder to keep track of what we’ve done before as well. But perhaps I’m being unduly negative – it’s almost certainly going to help with data collection and analysis overall.


Very little movement on the screaming baby front.

Took the little man to a birthday party in Southwark. Two juice boxes and a giant slice of cake later he was basically drunk. It struck me that toddlers bear all the hallmarks of drunks – one second they’re the life and soul of a party and they’re making you laugh till you cry. The next, they’re eyes-glazed-over screaming incoherent bollocks on repeat. And occasionally shitting themselves.




  • Introduction to Dev Tools – started this. Hoping I’ll get more comfortable with the scarier panels (maybe one day I’ll be able to understand a flame graph). Already learned a couple of things to make everyday dev easier



Monday hills. Wednesday swallowing tiny flies round the marshes. Saturday hills.

I spotted this array of bins half way round a set of hills, shortly after I’d had an oxygen-deficit-induced what is it all about moment.

Six wheelie bins and three food waste bins, neatly ordered, bearing the number 42 Six wheelie bins and three food waste bins, neatly ordered, bearing the number 42
ok I get it!

I learned that the latest iteration of my preferred runner – the Saucony Kinvara – looks like a bit of a departure from previous editions and I don’t think I’ll like it (more cushion, less ground feel — the things that drew me to them in the first place). Thinking about stock-piling the old version. Or maybe it’s time for a change (although historically that has tended to result in injury).