03.20 – 03.26
Sun Mar 26 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.20 – 03.26

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I put together an A/B test for whether linking to a comic series or an individual comic resulted in more views of individual comics overall. We do these so infrequently that I have to relearn the process each time (i.e. actually update and deploy the lambda) and it always feels clunky. I’m determined to try and do it more often so that 1. we’re testing more things and 2. so that it doesn’t take me two days to figure it out(/burden my colleagues) every time.

Next JS 13’s layouts and nested routes seemed like a good fit for the work we have planned for our catalogue details and digitised item viewer pages. I had early success with some prototype code, but the wheels fell off as soon as I tried to get real with various aspects of our current setup.

Reading the :focus-visible article mentioned below prompted me to get rid of our JS that determines whether to show focus styles (PR). Always feels good to delete JS in favour of platform CSS. Especially when I wrote the JS.


Not much to report. No real change with baby girl – she continues to scream a lot and refuses to sleep unless held.

Little man had a series of increasingly wearing meltdowns, but I could barely contain my pride when we had this exchange:

Me: Would you like a biscuit?
Him: Yeah
Me: Yeah what?

We all got sick again. I feel heavy, slovenly, and exhausted. Trying to accept the fact that that’s all entirely understandable in the circumstances, but struggling not to feel a bit blue.

This site

I changed the header styles to have a less stark border and a very-slightly transparent background. I’m a bit happier with it for now. Will see if that lasts.

I dabbled with the 11ty screenshot API to make more dynamic OpenGraph social cards, but ultimately was unsatisfied with what I achieved so threw it in the bin. This OG image plugin looks promising though so might give it a go next.


The week’s regex: [\W| ][B|b]ard[\W| ]|[\W| ]AI[\W| ]|LLM|GTP‌|GPT



  • The Outlaws – kept me awake, but I found the balance of comedy and drama quite awkward
  • TypeScript and Vue 3 – I’ve been enjoying playing with Vue recently and feel like TS has largely been a help more than a hindrance (not something I can always say about my day gig)
  • Line of Duty – never watched any of it before. So far it’s methadone to the Happy Valley smack. And there’s plenty of it



Hills on Monday. Something like 14 miles on Wednesday before work, which was frankly far too much and reminded me that my feet have not recovered. More hills on Friday. All of this is definitely doing more harm than good.