03.13 – 03.19
Sun Mar 19 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.13 – 03.19

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I made it in to the office for the first time in a while. It was good to see some other adult humans in 3D.

We’ve updated our apps to run on Next JS 13 and I’ve been trying to learn what that means. React Server Components seem like a good idea, but I find the breathless rhetoric surrounding them a little emperor’s new clothes-y – perhaps that’s unkind (or I’m missing something fundamental), but as I understand it, at base they facilitate a return to how everyone was making websites before React existed c. 10 years ago.

I found out I could hack the playback speed on the mandatory e-Learning up to 16x in devtools. Is there a market for internal e-Learning speedrun YouTubes?

And I achieved some inner peace by hiding the infantilising emoji that precede list items in Notion.

.notion-selectable > a > div > div > div:nth-child(2) {
  display: none!important;

I would pay good money for an OS-wide hide-all-emoji setting.


We got into a sleep routine of sorts whereby I drink a bunch of coffee at what would ordinarily be my bedtime then attempt to stay awake for as long as possible while holding the baby. Then hand her over to bae when I’m about to pass out, and hope the little man lets me get a few hours before demanding to be taken out of his cot. It’s certainly not a lot of sleep but by the time it comes around it’s weapons-grade stuff.

For her part, baby girl was possibly a bit less shouty this week. Not much in it though.

The little man pushed our patience to the limit on several occasions. Whoever called it ‘terrible twos’ neglected to mention ‘total arsehole threes’.

I updated my weather app to Vue 3 and converted it to the composition API with TypeScript. Then I swapped out Vuex for Pinia. I hadn’t really planned on doing any of it, but I started pulling at the thread one night and got a bit carried away.


  • Happy Valley – flippin’ heck it’s good. And a powerful stimulant (side effect: nightmare fuel) for sitting up with a baby that refuses to sleep without being held



Monday hills. Wednesday marshes. Friday hills.