03.06 – 03.12
Sun Mar 12 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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03.06 – 03.12

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Not convinced I achieved anything. Barely kept my head above water.


I can’t believe our baby boy turned three. Also can’t believe my bae single-handedly got him and his baby sister out to the transport museum with almost zero drama. The joint party for him and two of his pals at the weekend was an absolute smash.

Baby girl’s colic continues to deteriorate. I apparently told her to “shut the fuck up” during one of her seemingly infinite bouts of industrial band-saw screaming which resulted in the little man immediately parroting it back at me. Strangely it had no impact on her screaming. I’m a great dad.

The good news is the ‘heart murmur’ the doctor heard the day she was born turned out to be nothing. Having now (obviously) spent several hours scouring the internet for information about newborn heart murmurs, it turns out it’s remarkably common and very rarely a cause for concern. But if you don’t know that (we didn’t), the words ‘heart murmur’ will almost certainly elicit panic in situationally vulnerable new parents. I think the medical profession would do well to find a less terrifying term.

Updated my weather app to use the Pirate Weather API in advance of Dark Sky’s being shut down at the end of the month. It’s a straight rip of Hello Weather that I started tinkering with long ago to learn about scroll snapping. Nice to finally have it deployed somewhere. Probably need to stop hot-linking to Dark Sky’s icons.


  • Serial – the original one. I hadn’t even realised there were recent developments in the story. I feel like the format seemed really out there back in 2014. Now it’s the blueprint. It got its claws into me again this time around – maybe even more than before. I’m still itching for answers about lots of things