02.27 – 03.05
Sun Mar 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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02.27 – 03.05

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Did the first bit of half-decent sort-of new feature development work I’ve managed in a while. Got to use a Set in JavaScript which always makes me feel like a grown-up programmer.


In spite of the shambolic absence of any kind of continuity of care from the GP(s) we’re hopefully marginally closer to improving the situation for baby girl. Bae went and stood her ground at A&E until she got a prescription for antacid. Of course we’re not sure it’ll make a difference and as a rule don’t hold with over medication, but it seems wild how unwilling anyone is to let you try to use something demonstrated to be effective for a condition that’s causing such unbridled agony when the possible negative side-effects are slim to non-existent. Saturday night was a new low though. Early indications are that if the drugs are effective, they’re certainly not fast acting.

Survived World Book Day by totally half-arsing it, sending the little man to nursery in his Snail and the Whale pyjamas.

Registered baby girl’s birth at Hackney Town Hall.

Got a cold.


I’ve been trying out following a variety of hashtags on Mastodon but limiting the amount of posts in my timeline by total number of back-to-back hashtags using a regex in Ivory – (#.*(\r\n|\r|\n| )){8}‌. More hashtags ≈ more spammy posts so this is working out quite well, and I can alter the number at the end of the regex to regulate the flow of posts when I want to add/remove tags. It’s a bit of a blunt instrument and I reckon I won’t be able to resist coming up with a variety of ever more convoluted regex before too long.

This site

I didn’t add a dedicated toggle button for dark mode (it relies on the OS prefers-color-scheme preference) – I tend to think the whole thing is a waste of time and energy (not much solid evidence for any of the purported benefits) but given that at the very least people do seem to perceive a benefit, the relatively low effort required to put it together (put iA Writer in dark mode and pick the colours) in this instance wasn’t much of a barrier.


  • RHLSTP with Tim Key – I did that thing where I look totally insane because I couldn’t contain my ugly-cry-laughter walking through the park on my own


  • The Gold – so far up my street it was parked in my driveway and ringing my doorbell



  • How to remember the difference between for...in and for...of in JavaScript. The former operates on objects and sounds a bit like ‘foreign object’. Stupid enough to work for me


Hills on Tuesday. Highgate Wood on Thursday.