02.20 – 02.26
Sun Feb 26 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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02.20 – 02.26

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I picked off some ‘quick win’ tasks from the backlog in order to feel like I was getting somewhere without putting my severely limited mental resources under undue stress. Of course they didn’t turn out to be that quick – when I’m king referring to any task as a ‘quick win’ before it has been shown to be one will at a minimum be punishable by a significant on-the-spot fine. Still, I ended the week having gone marginally forwards (never a given) and didn’t bring the site down once (also never a given).

Turns out if you lazyload YouTube embeds you lose some GA4 auto tracking for video metrics because it only works if the YouTube iframe api is on the page (at exactly what point, I’m not sure). I’m not particularly proud of my solution but it seems to work.


I didn’t think baby girl had left herself anywhere to go on the screaming front, but as if to shine a light on my underestimation she proceeded to deteriorate through the week.

We’ve concluded she has acid reflux and hopefully we’re now on a path to stopping her being in such heart-breaking pain, but the directions for administering infant Gaviscon to breastfed babies are absolute dog-shit and you can’t get your hands on the drugs that might actually work until they’re a month old so the path isn’t exactly the happy one. Lack of sleep is well into the ‘unsustainable’ category at this point.

Took the little man to get stuck in the arm for his second chickenpox vaccination on Friday. The net total anguish caused makes me wonder if he wouldn’t have been better off just getting chickenpox. We discovered the play area and model trains in Kings Cross afterwards though which improved his mood immensely.

Started watching Dave Rupert’s course on web components in the baby-won’t-f*@king-sleep hours but unconvinced much of it will stick given the suboptimal learning environment.

The blossom is coming out all over north London and I’m here for it.

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I think I did some hills on Tuesday and Thursday but it’s entirely possible I hallucinated both. I almost certainly did on Sunday because I’m still in my kit at the time of writing. My running is embarrassingly monotonous at present but hills are solid bang for buck when time and mental energy are at a premium. Not wearing my watch for any of it and it’s liberating.