01.30 – 05.02
Sun Feb 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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01.30 – 05.02

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We have a girl. 3.7kg. Bae and baby doing grand. I feel deeply content.

So much of what we’d obviously buried from first time around has come flooding back. The weird and wonderful noises. The undying hope that maybe this time she’ll sleep. What sleep-deprivation feels like (although I feel like we’ve got a lot further to go on that front).

Early indicators are that her big brother isn’t going to make it particularly easy for us, although he displayed remarkable tenderness when we arrived home.

Bae’s mum stayed for the week, made soup, held the baby, sent us for naps, looked after the boy. Not sure we’d have coped at all well without her. I guess we’ll see how we get on next week (I’m only mildly terrified about the prospect).

It’s hard to see how I’m ever going to have time to edit photos again, but I don’t want baby girl to grow up jealous of all the pics we have of the boy (although I now realise why I found infinitely more baby pics of my big bro than me when we cleared out Dad’s house). Going to try SOOC jpegs (the internet seems to think they’re good from Fujifilm, and when has the internet ever been wrong?).





Haha no.