01.09 – 01.15
Sun Jan 15 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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01.09 – 01.15

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I spent most of the working week misunderstanding what min-aspect-ratio was doing in a sizes attribute on an img tag. I don’t touch images very often, and every time I do, I have to remind myself of how srcset and sizes work together. With container-queries landed or about to land in all major browsers, it made me hopeful the problem that srcset and sizes solve might go away for the most part. And it looks like there is at least some discussion to that end.


I converted the website for btmat.org over to Eleventy (with the aid of my old friend SiteSucker) since I was paying for a server to run WordPress as an API for a blog that hasn’t received any updates for three years (and isn’t likely to receive any more ever really).

Had our final scan before d-day. Still burying my head in the sand about it. Don’t think I’m trying to – like I don’t think I tried to first time around — but like before I guess we’re not really going to know what it’s like until we’re living it (soon!).

I’m going all in on iA Writer for general note-taking as well as any other writing. I try a new note-taking system about once a year and historically have always ended up back with Apple Notes. I want to do all of my writing/thinking in one place though, so maybe it’ll be different this time. I hear the cool kids are using Obsidian. Maybe that can be next year’s doomed-to-fail notes experiment.

Spent much longer than I’d have liked waiting for cancelled trains at King’s Cross.

Big news

- // this is a blog without code syntax highlights
+ // this is now a blog with syntax highlighting and diffs

Only gone and added syntax highlighting innit? Conditionally load in the styles (which maybe need some work) only if there's a code block in the post an' all. Related: I definitely felt seen here.





I had another go at some hills on Thursday and 5 x Swain’s Lane on Sunday. At least one of my feet hurts a bit and, as ever, I’m finding it hard to figure out whether I should be running on it. I tend to think that I probably shouldn’t be, but a cost-benefit analysis of where that would leave my mental health means I go out all the same (a short-sighted strategy, for sure). Unlikely to be a factor once new-baby-induced-exhaustion sets in anyhow.